Sunday, August 21, 2011

this week

we saw our old house go, and luckily it could go, as the weather was terribly wet.The house removal started on the monday, then we had a bit of rain then by wednesday morning it was very very wet and the truck ended up being bogged and required a bit of help to get out.
I have to say I didnt think Id be bothered when the house went, but I confess to coming home and having a bawl, just lots of memories of the kids [and us] growing up there.

We also went and had a look at our new house Friday,The exterior is done and roof and floor, but the internal walls are just frames at this stage.I was really worried about the house being too small, I had originally planned on it being bigger, but due to our dicky shaped block,[ which is on a bend in the road and is really wide across the front and narrower at the back],and also our council regulations, I had to cut back on the length of the house.It looks okay though, I found the interior rooms a bit hard to judge the size of as the walls werent up yet.Im hoping it will all be ok.I am really happy with the colors we have picked.
I got talking to someone in lincoln one day whos also getting a new house, so alison email me if you like and I can show you some more pics.I would also love to see some pics of yours email is

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:) Tiff said...

was thinking of you when I heard the rain that morning.

so glad things are starting to happen for you.