Thursday, October 13, 2011

O lordy

Its been ages since Ive blogged, not much to blog about really, not doing anything crafty, as still renting and most of my scrap crap is in our shed, and gosh I avoid there, just stacked with so much crap.
Our house has been delivered but a holdup there as we got a verandah in our contract, and theres been a few hiccups with that.Wont bore you with the details!
I have been trying not to buy much for the house as yet, until were actually in it, but I did spy this mangowood carved picture in The Bayroom and it was instant love!I was going to not have red but alas, I could not resist this.I did try to source it in another color but could not get the same print, so looks like red it is.
Ok, well Im off to have a look at some blogs now as Its been such a long time since Ive had a look at any.


:) Tiff said...

oh yes Mary. this is so you. It was meant to be!!!

Louise said...

OMG Im thinking about buying eggggzacally the same from a shop near me!!!!!! LOL :)

SueP said...

I have seen those wood carved pictures and they are beautiful....and i love the red of this one. Can't wait to see it's final home!! :)

Christine said...

Ooh, that is gorgeous! You HAVE to have it