Monday, July 25, 2011

what Ive been looking at

 Ive been quite into all these renovating shows lately.I love watching the Block, although I do get annoyed with all the drama and challenges etc, but I really do like seeing the room renovations.I ve also watched the renovaters show which started last night too, and again I get annoyed with parts of the show, but I like seeing the different designs etc.Ive been spending most of my time on the net browsing house stuff etc.
Some of my faves are
here you can create your own ideabooks of pictures you like.
Katrina from "the Block"s blog

and of course
which has lots and lots of ideas and inspiration for absolutely everything
and this one which is probably not very exciting but its been good as there is a forum where you can post about house related info or just anything really, from good brand dishwashers, paint colours to tv shows to books.

Not much crafty at all, especially as all my scrapgear was very kindly stored elsewhere by my husband.

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