Friday, June 24, 2011


I havnt been blogging or scrapping for a little while, I have instead, been spending a lot of my time trawling the www and chatting on forums where Ive been looking at home designs, researching house colors, paint colors, kitchen materials, flooring options, air conditioning, insulation etc etc.
The reason for this is because after much consideration, we have decided to purchase a new house.
Our house is being transported elsewhere, and we will be getting a new transportable house.We have had our plans drawn up and made all our selections [oh lordy, that part was hard, do you have any idea how many different white paints there are?].
So the next few months will be a little, well maybe more like a LOT crazy, with getting our house ready to be moved,the packing up and moving part, finding somewhere else to live for a short period, and all the things that we need to do before our new house arrives.I am a little excited about it, but mostly a bit anxious about it all.I will just be relieved when its all done, so wish I could just fast forward a few months.
So heres hoping by october we will have our new home and be all settled in.[fingers crossed].

Although I have been distracted from scrapping etc, with house stuff, I did have an idea for a page, and I wanted to find a brush of a chook/chick for the layout.I ended up doing a whole digital page.Just for a bit of a play.


:) Tiff said...

can so relate to the 'sook chook'. so not fun, for them or for Mum.

Wishing you a smooth, no unexpected bumps or hold ups in getting into the new home. wow. you wont know yourself.

did you get yourself a scrap space in it????

Gina B said...

Such a cute page, I think Im going to have to try a digital page, Im just a bit nervous, maybe I just have to jump in. Congrats on the new house, and although the next few months will be a pain in the ass, they will fly by and it will all be worh it.

janice said...

great page Maryanne. You are very clever with the digital stuff.

Good luck with all the house things. Sounds beautiful.

amanda hall said...

oh that is exciting news Mary! A new house with lots of new possibilities!! Fantastic… woohoo.

And love your page - the banner against that magnificent clear photo looks brilliant.

I agree - you are so very clever with all things digi.

I had asthma as a kid and only occasionally now (still take preventers and salbutamol) so hope it's something your sook chook will grow out of too.