Wednesday, January 26, 2011

more of 365 project

I havnt been doing much creating during the holidays, not too much of anything really, apart from a bit of working, and the normal household jobs, etc etc.We havnt been away during the holidays, I did hope to go camping at some stage, but with children of various ages, those plans dont always go according to plan.
So with not too much to share, I ll just post some photos from my 365 project.

redback spider


golden glow

grotty feet after frontyard cricket


a blooming rose...alive and well.


:) Tiff said...

love the aminated face on molly, and and the details of the red back shot.

I've been lurking on your 365 to see what you've been posting there.

love your work with textures.... I can only aspire...sigh.

Gina B said...

Loving the shots Maryanne.

sandra said...

wow wow wow!
just love your photography.
love your angles and different perspectives.
gorgeous texture work too.

SueP said...

I have been lurking the spider one Maryanne, the colours on the background are soooo cool!! makes the spider just pop out!