Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi all
sorry this blog has been pretty boring lately,but believe it or not I scrapped a page on the weekend and started another, and I made some cards too!!I will post later on.
Anyway even though my blog has been as boring as batshit lately, I will keep doing it, for myself mostly, not because I have anything of great interest to share.I do find Im using my blog less and FB more, but there are some photos and scrap stuff that I dont want to share with everyone on FB, so I have decided to keep my blog and make it private for certain reasons. If you do still want to want to continue reading my blog then Id love you to still do so, but I just need your email addy, to add you as a reader.So just send me an email to,.


:) Tiff said...

emailed ya!!


:) Tiff said...
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amanda hall said...

thanks chickie.

As usual your photos rock (love the fluro day shot!!) and great pages. You have a great sense of balance and colour. They are always WOW pages… and i love that you do that in a minimal scrapping style. Awesome.