Thursday, January 6, 2011

photo a day

One of my NY resolutions was to start using my camera again.I use it a lot during football season, mostly taking footy photos, but not much else lately.It has been sitting in its bag unused quite a bit, so I decided to participate in  the 365 project [the link is for my page]and take a photo a day.I also have hardly been doing any creative editing, using textures etc, which I really enjoy, so I wanted to do the project also to inspire me to do some more creative stuff too.This is for my own satisfaction, and using photos I like, so they arent perfect, or brilliant but just for me.

I wont bombard my blog every day with the photos, but here is yesterdays photo, but I couldnt decide which I liked better so Ill post both.I think it displays my gardening skills quite well.


:) Tiff said...

i like the first one Mary. fills the frame and you can see the spider web particualarly well. I still green with envy with your skill using textures. something I sadly lack.

saw your 365 page via FB. great idea!! that will get you snapping for sure!!

sandra said...

BOTH are brilliant Maryanne.
you are just so clever with that camera of yours..I love your photography, you a style all of your own which I love.
and your use of textures is just amazing...
tutorial one day puhleeeeZ???
and if you want to take some more photos of dead flowers, plants or cobwebs, come around to my place!!

Gina B said...

Well Done Maryanne!!! Im trying to do it as well but my photos are not great like yours. Trying to do everyday events.

Jane said...

I did this in 2009 and still trying to work out what to do with all the photos.
think I might try to do it again.
Love both of them but I prefer the first one personally. Look great and I too have a black thumb....nothing green about my gardening fingers.
keep up the good work and would love to see more 365 photos