Sunday, December 19, 2010

fantasy frame

I was recently inspired bty sandra to create this twiddleybitz fantasy frame as a gift.Not the kind of project I normally do but it was good to do something different.A big Thankyou to janice for letting me raid her stash of prima flowers and also for the pearly bit things.Also thankyou tiff for the little flowers too, which were a gift a little while ago and thank you sandra for your input.
I am fortunate to have scrappy friends who are always there for to help when there is a scrap emergency SOS![I needed a bit of help as I dont normally do flowers and fluffy stuff].
The frame is a gify for my MIL, and I hope she likes it, it is a photo of all of her grandchildren, it is not a great photo but its the most recent photo of all her grandchildren together taken at xmas 2 or 3 yrs ago, since then our nephew died, so I think this may make her a little sad but I think she will appreciate it too.well I hope she does.[PS.I have blurred the actual kids photo a bit as I dont like splattering other peoples kids pics on the net.]

Ive got a couple of other scrappy bits to share later on, a few details to finish off first.


Meredith said...

beautiful Maryanne! The flowers are gorgeous!
I bought 2 of those frames after seeing Sandra's!! Have nearly finished one - not sure when I'll get the other one done, need some inspiration on how to decorate it!!

:) Tiff said...

ahhh piffle. you do fluffy stuff well. this is proof of the pudding. Its such a lovely gift for the MIL of the grandies. So thoughtful.

Kerryn said...

oh I bet she'll love it, it's fabulous!!!!

And thanks for stopping by and for your comment.