Wednesday, December 15, 2010

xmas shopping

HI all, sorry no scrappy stuff to share, but I have been doing a bit of online xmas shopping and thought I would share a couple of sites with you.
Firstly is this one smiggle, which have all sorts of stationary, especially popular with girls, even teens.I was stuck on what to buy a couple of girls but managed to find some cool stuff on here, and got them a reasonable gift for @ $10.They have gift packs starting from $9.95, or select all your own bits and pieces with starting prices from .95c.They have free postage for orders over $50, but hurry as the cut off time to receive before christmas is 17th dec.Also if your purchase is a gift you can have it sent directly to the recipient.
I must confess though to spending over $50 to get the free freight, and a lot of that was for me too, not just gifts.Lots of practical things too that could be used for when the kids go back to school next year.

Also another one, and they too are offering free freight is jbhifi online.If you are stuck for a gift for someone, they have a HUGE range of dvds,cds and music dvds, games, and portable sound systems and etc etc etc.I ordered something from here and only took a few days to arrive, so happy with that.

I dont know about you guys, but I spent a few hours in Lincoln the other day looking for little gifts for xmas, and I ended up with not much, and I was bloody exhausted after jumping in and out of the car and trawling through shops, so Im loving online shopping.
Unfortunately I still need to grab a few more things in Lincoln.....wish me luck!!
Happy shopping !


:) Tiff said...

ooo. thanks for the JB link.

DH is after a George Thorougood (spellcheck) CD. perfect timing mate.


janice said...

loved the smiggle store in rundle mall and yes they do have some great stuff.
Im struggling this year with gifts, finding it hard to know what to get and dont feel like buying a just because gift (does that make sense.)
good luck in lincoln finishing yours Maryanne!!