Monday, December 27, 2010


gosh I had a lovely day yesterday, nowhere to go, no work, nothing.the house was pretty messy, but I didnt get too fussed about it all.I just felt like doing something creative, and so I did.
Ages ago I bought these kaisercraft storage drawers, which I had opened and looked at, and that was about as far as I had got with them, so yesterday I decided to get stuck into them.I ended up making them very girly looking, and I wasnt quite sure about labelling them all, so I used these litle images which I had printed off, and I just love them.I also didnt want to paint mine, I actually like the raw color, as it looks much like kraft.very happy with them, just not exactly sure where I will keep them as I dont have my own scrap room.

I also made use of this jellybean tin which scruff got for xmas.I probably shouldnt have started it last night as I got a bit hasty[lots of glue mess] and it didnt turn out as tidy as it could have.Another girly piece too, and not sure where I will put it either, but I do like it.

meredith asked for the link to these digital elements, so I thought Id add it here also, just in case anyone else was interested.Be warned though lots more yummy stuff to buy too.


:) Tiff said...

you clever chook. the house work can always wait. It's unfortunate that it doesn't go anywhere so I guess we can always come back to it later. wish the house fairy would visit sometimes tho.

good to see you into it again!!

Meredith said...

Gorgeous Maryanne!! Very inspiring - I think I have a set of those drawers somewhere!!
Do you have a link to those images - they are very cute and I could make mine for Hannah's bedroom to store her hair clips etc!!
I made the advent one by Kaiser before Christmas and didn't paint it - much easier!!
Thank you for sharing!

Gina B said...

These are so cute, I love them. I guess you are going to need the scrap room built to store them, hey???? LOL

janice said...

they both look great Maryanne.
love the papers you used and the little pics.
before I start anything I need to have one big tidy up.... cant seem to find anything at the moment and its annoying me...have lost my adddress book some where... hoping it in a pile i have put aside... please let me find it today.

sandra said...

LOVE this
it looks so gorgeous irl
love the fact that you left it unpainted.
and the tin looks fab.
I didn't notice anything amiss until you pointed out the MINOR little things...!! lol
and who says they don't do otp???