Friday, October 23, 2009

I dont really have anything much to post about, but Ive just updated the editor on here, and just wanted to test to see if Ive done it right.

Havnt scrapped much as wednesday in Lincoln, I did manage to get the other 2 books in the series Im reading.Started the 2nd that night and about to have a bath and finish reading it shortly, only a little bit to go so shouldnt take too long!I did start to scrap a page yesterday for amandas challenge on E2C, but Im afraid my book was calling.

Have been playing a bit with actions and textures in photoshop, and this is one photo that I really like.


:) Tiff said...

now if you didnt know the background looks a little bit wintery, the snowy kind, esp with the long hair on the foals.

Caitie said...

That horse photo is lovely - very evocative.
Glad you like the series - addictive, isn't it! I finished the Twilight series on Saturday, and now I'm lost! I also saw the movie for the first time on Friday night, and I was a little disappointed. I suppose I was expecting more. Can't wait for the second one though!

Moira said...

Wow, you must be having a ball with all those awesome photos. I still haven't dabbled with photo shop - I spend too much time on a computer for work! But seeing stuff like yours and Lynette's just makes me think I should rethink that reasoning :-)