Sunday, November 1, 2009


I finished this page,for the twine challenge on E2C which I started  a while ago. I think its finished, Im resisting the urge to do just a bit of stitching.Its not too often that Im in a photo,let alone with any of the kids, so some time ago when jako was home on his own with me one day, I conned him into doing these.
Thats about it, havnt done any other pages!
I think I might be in for a restless night with jaxen, he has started barking this arvo.


:) Tiff said...

you bloody rock. that green PP. what is it. looks like gold bits on it and its perfect with the wool and the alphas. I can just hear Amanda going ga ga about this one.

sandra said...

not only Amanda Tiff.
This is fantastic Maryanne... just WOW factor all over it.

janice said...

LOVE it Maryanne.

Caitie said...

Really like how you've used the yarn here for the flower. You should get in photos more often!