Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dabbling with digital

I havnt done a digital page for a while, but have some new digital papers downloaded that I felt like playing with.

Quite like this photo of myself as you cant really see me!!I am so non photogenic!!
[ps.thats a camera not a big black wart on my face.....just in case you couldnt tell].


Caitie said...

I like the stitching you've done here Maryanne. I'm yet to really dabble with digital in the scrapbooking sense - a bit scared to get into it really! I've got too many 'traditional' supplies I've got to use up!

Christine said...

I love this, that yellow is gorgeous! Cute pic too!

sandra said...

Love those dots and wow!!! at the stitching..
Love your layouts and pfft at you not being photogenic.

amanda hall said...

this is fantastic. I love everything about it Mary.

The crazy stitching, the grid paper, the dots and the masking tape. all very very clever.

amanda hall said...

hey i also wanted to say that i think i heard you say jaki is coming to visit this weekend. Please say hello for me. I often think of her and wonder how she is going.

I hope life is good for her :)