Sunday, October 18, 2009


The kids were in the front yard playing cricket today, and jaxen was in the driveway, where they get a run up to bowl , when he heard a noise and looked around to see a rather good sized snake behind him!SO glad scruff was home to chase after it and dispose of it.Im afraid if Scruff hadnt have been here, I would have just freaked,hustled the kids inside and locked the door.Im just hopeful that it didnt have any other companions nearby.
I did go to get the camera out to get a photo of the deceased, but brad did say that was kind of creepy, so I didnt worry about it!!

After reading about this on caities blog I purchased the first one on thursday and have just finished reading it today.Havnt read anything for a while, and did like this, so looking forward to getting into the next 2.Just have to wait till one day this week when I can get to lincoln to get the 2nd and 3rd ones.
Working tomorrow so best be off to bed now, especially as I was soaking in the tub until 2.30 am this morning as I decided to read some of the book, and then didnt want to stop.And yes I was very wrinkly when I did get out and cold too.


:) Tiff said...

I'll be in Lincoln on Thursday if that helps at all. and eeeepppp at the snake. Its a pity you cant shoot them in town. I would be lost without my little snake gun!!

Caitie said...

So glad that you liked it Maryanne. Reading until 2.30 - too funny! Time just flies when you're in a good book!

Thanks for your birthday wishes!

SueP said...

EEEWWWW alright!!! I Hate snakes too and it is that season again!!! Have sighted a few and they are humungeous!!

amanda hall said...

ooh thanks for the book tip - i haven't read that one. Nothing like being engrossed in a good book.