Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Im back.....

got back last night [thankfully....], have a few photos to share, mind you the pink ones were not taken by me!
Pink put on an absolutely fantastic show.
yummy hot chocolates at katoomba.You are served your milk, in this mug/cup which has a candle burning underneath, and you put your choc drops in the top with your milk. so so nice!!Lots of hype about Bruno, which was the movie premiere while we were in sydney, but unfortunately was on the same night as the pink concert.

three sisters at katoomba

my sister jaki

Im the blimp.....

fiona, my brothers partner,and my sister jaki. Having trouble uploading my photos and moving them etc,so am a bit over it.


:) Tiff said...

love the pics M. fun one of J with her 'baby'. and the three sisters is loverly.

glad your back in one piece after the rough weather yesterday. not really a day to be in a plane.

jaki said...

YES the P!NK concert was amazing!! just loved it! so vibrant and colorful!i really like all your pics scary!not too keen on the ones of me tho!! i look terrible!!glad you made it home in one pice after the bumpy weather.