Friday, July 10, 2009

back on the blog

So I did remove my blog,but have now undeleted it.
I had initially started my blog mostly to share scrapbooking stuff and photos etc with my sister,but found that I just havnt been doing much to put on here,and felt it was pretty boring,and just using up cyberspace.
anyway Im back in blogland for now.... I did this LO about "pink" @ a week ago,[sorry about the crap pic, took it tonight really quickly]. that may have contributed to my scrap funk? I had it perfectly planned, actually did a LO in PS with the songs around the edge of the page, and the graph pattern, on nice crisp white cardstock, with lots of white space but inked something with black ink, and in my impatience to stick everything down, ended up with black ink everywhere, and had to alter my LO completely! so I spent a whole day on this LO, and I was majorly p****d off.I think I kind of decided then that I was so over scrapping!May do another LO that I had originally planned, as this is just not quite right!...oh and it was so strange doing a pink LO.Very out of my zone!

hopefully I will get to scrap next week.[got a goodie parcel in the mail today[which I ordered before my crap scrap day,], and 4 scrapmags yesterday and today, so should be inspired.]

have a great weekend.


amanda hall said...

i am glad you are back Maryanne!

Everyone has low mojo times - hell i am the queen of them atm!

For what it is worth i think this Pink page it TOTALLY ROCKING.

That grid is amazing on there - PERFECT!

and what a cool photo.

yeah i am glad you are back. Get into your parcel girl and scrap scrap scrap.

As someone wise recently said to me 'don't over analyse - just do'

sandra said...

totally agree with Amanda
I am totally mojo-less as well.
I have been pulling things apart and starting over and finally realised its because I am trying to do work that is not 'me'
and the 'over analyse' comment above pertains to me as well.
So you are not alone, ;)
and glad your back online!
missed you!
and I think the layout rocks too!

:) Tiff said...

me 3. Am so glad you undeleted your blog. How else will I get an inside edge on Scruff to stir him up. Ink is a buga. Ive been caught out a few times with it still wet and then it gets everywhere.

Cassandra said...

Glad your back love your Scrapbooking style and remember its your blog put whatever you want on it I like them great for catchup. Wish I was as good on computer to do more photos etc. One day LOL. Keep at it and happy Scrappin girls. xxx

Cassandra said...

P.S Meryl Weetra got a good shot of Brad at footy yesterday. Can ask her to email it to you if you like just need your address shes done that for me before. xxx

jaki said...

Nice to see your blog up an running again scary. Love the P!NK page.....she was awesome!!!