Tuesday, November 4, 2008

just some photos

jako playing leaf boats, [lots of water in the gutters to play]picks leaves and floats them to see who wins.when nick and brad were little they used to do this too, but poor jako is the only one still young enough to find this fun.....poor lonely liitle brother.
jako doesnt cope well with being stuck indoors or keeping still, so when it was still raining, he went off outside to play cricket with nick, and scruff too, think they were playing cricket in the rain for a good half hour!! I dragged the camera out as havnt usd for a while, and most of my pictures turned out terrible, even on sport setting......Im blaming the rain for that....

I do really like this photo of a nasturium in my front garden.unfortunately tha grass seeds have bloomed in the lawn this last week and the rain has just bumped them along so front yard is in deperate need of mowing. maybe thursday.

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:) Tiff said...

what a great splash of colour of the flower. I cant spell it here???
love the droplets on the petals.
LOL with Jacko. He must have ants in his pants.