Sunday, November 9, 2008

camp out

I worked till 9 last night,[ more in the kitty for my camelot shopping list in a couple of weeks] but arrived home to find jaxen and 3 friends set up in swags on the front lawn!!![and promptly decided my husband is insane].They ended up going to sleep somewhere after midnight, and were up around 6, in between them and cats fighting during the night,and someone having a party, didnt get a real lot of sleep, but once Im awake, I dont usually go back to sleep, so a reasonably early sunday morning. scruff has no problem whatsoever, and manages to nod back off quite easily.
The boys have gone off bikeriding at 7.15, and did warn them people are sleeping in on a sunday, so to be quiet, but Im sure they have probably woken half of cummins by now.
I so wish I had half the energy that jaxen has, hes such a busy bloody bee!!
Hes very much looking forward to his aunty coming over soon, so she can play cricket with him,[that means every night]. Oh shes a lucky thing!!!!!!
Hope youre practising your bowling yuk, working those shoulders.
Hes back now and being an argumentive little turd [thats very normal], so best go and have a chat with the little man!!
Its going to be a long day.......

[and my gosh theyre sooooo noisy, our whole street would be awake by now Im sure].

yuk can u text me your flight time and date from lincoln to adelaide?

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