Thursday, November 13, 2008

finally .....a page done

Got up and started cooking this morning,made butterscotch biscuits, and chop chip biscuits.Did quadruple batches of both, so ended up with @ 200 in all. I have packed 3/4 into zip snack bags and put in the freezer for school snacks. They may just last for a while, but the kids tend to eat stacks of the things. Going away to ad next week, so stocking up supplies.
I have finally managed to get a LO completed, I have a few Ive halfheartedly started, but nothing Im satisfied with, and have been working a fair bit [for me] in the last 2 weeks, so havnt scrapped much.
This page though I have scraplifted,[not sure who, but was from the gallery on "The best Little Srapbook shop on the web"...I think].
I had a phone call earlier from a lady in Darwin, who owns an apartment that I had enquired about for our holiday. Anyway she had previously replied she would be away, but then must have thought she could still let it out and post keys to us. We have already booked and paid deposit elsewhere, so moot point, but she was so lovely and friendly on the phone, we just got chatting away like old friends, about our accommadation, trip to darwin, and kids etc.[ she picked up on my non excitement about the darwin trip, so was enquiring about where we live, etc, had a bit of a laugh ,really pleasant person]. So now I would love to stay at her apartment, but unfortunately at a discounted rate of $245 a night, it just wont be happening.[ very upmarket ].


sandra said...

wow!.. you have been industrious today!.
I didn't know you could freeze biscuits!!. Will be from now on!..
I'm a bit like you, get the baking bug and bake all day! (doesn't happen often enough lately though)
Looking forward to E2C... which classes are you doing? I'm being a hog and doing all four!.. Such great prices... and they all look fantastic.

sandra said...

ps.... love the layout... the paint spot look great!

:) Tiff said...

and the biscuits are yummy too.
I snuck 3 down my throat during a quick visit. your kitchen smelt divine.
the paint spots are so great Maryanne. They just bump that page up a notch to the wow factor.

Cassandra said...

Wow would love the recipes need to make big batches of anything in this house. All looks terrific have a good shop in Adelaide.

jaki said...

Hope you won't be eating too many of them Mary! Better not do any cooking like that while i am there!Bags acked and in the car. Dreading all that travel but so happy my little nephew Jaxen can't wait for my visit. Poor little guy! LO looks great tho!

maryanne r said...

sandra, cant believe youve never frozen biscuits!!!!they even still taste good frozen too!! can also freeze oncooked biscuit mix too, which Ive done a few times,so easy!

Meredith Treloar said...

Hey girl get on over to Leanne Stamatello's blog ... you won!!

sandra said...

WOOHOO!Congrats on your win Maryanne!!.. as Tiff would say.. happy dance, happy dance! lol

amanda hall said...

wow these biscuits look fab Maryanne!

and wow what a batch or two (or 4!)

I did some today too ...3 batches of one sort and 1 of another.

Great paint splat LO.

Are you still visiting and post pages to go in E2C challenges? You have been very quiet. Hope everything is ok.