Friday, November 21, 2008

quick pics

Got back from adelaide last night, just in time for basketball, which was good because we [jaxens team] actually WON......our first win, so it was quite exciting for us all.
Busy few days, off to adelaide Tuesday, [I hate that bloody drive, but scaredy scruff wont fly], got to my brothers about 8pm. He lives at blewitt springs, near mclaren vale, and its just beautiful out there, so pretty, but quite a drive!Off to harbour town on early morning wednesday with my sister, to meet a friend and do some shopping![had to be quick as had to return to darryls by 3 to get changed then head off again].
That place is heaven for shoe lovers! limited myself to 2 pairs only.that was hard!
Tried some clothes on, very depressing, but got a couple of things, had lunch, then all set to head to camelot for scrap shopping, but on the way out from HT spied Roger David, with suits on sale, so got Nick and Brad a formal suit each, and a few more things as had some great clothes on sale.
Time was getting short now, so only had about half hour for camelot!
OMG, that place has so much in it, but very hard to find the items on my list, so didnt get a great
deal there. have heard people mention that its a bit of a rabbit warren in there and to allow a couple of hours to have a good look around....and they are right! but only a rushed half hour in there and had to leave, so may have to do some internet shopping soon.
Went to watch my nephew play basketball in the afternoon, then off to fasta pasta for tea, before John Mellencamp concert.
Shane Nicholson played, then Sherryl Crowe, then John M.
Absolutely loved it, all were great, but JM was fantastic, the music and the band was just brilliant. He played so many old favourites, and a few new ones, but it was just fantastic music......and hes pretty fit....and he still rocks! could have sat there for so much longer.
Scruff didnt enjoy as much as I did, as he had a pretty drunk guy in the seat next to him, who wasnt looking too well, we were a little concerned he might vomit......[luckily he didnt, but he did disappear before it ended].

Anyway brilliant show.

Up early thursday, and that long tedious journey home. Quite a dramatic change in scenery from Blewitt Springs.


Cassandra said...

Wow Maryannne you did fit heaps in. Looking forward to seeing your Camelot purchases put to use on here. Cant believe Scruff let you go Did they sit in the car? My hubby would be very not abliging.
Glad you had a great time fantastic photos.

maryanne r said...

hi cassandra, went with my sister, but scruffis usually pretty good,he is usually quite happy to wait in the car, and generally has a sleep!

:) Tiff said...

wow. you power shopper. U jammed in so much into your quickie trip.
so glad to hear that JM still has it. he was a bit dreamy back in the ninties.
great pics.
rock on

Leanne Stamatellos said...

greatto hear that your goodies arrived safely and that you liked them - thanks for visiting my blog and have fun and enjoy!

:) Tiff said...

hiya Maryanne. Hiya Jackie.

have fun taking your shots today.