Sunday, November 2, 2008

when they first met

quick digi page, of my mum and dad, mum was only 16 when she met dad,and he was 26!!!
long time ago now.Used some paint brushes and elements on here, as paint inspired by e2c blog challenge.

busy last few days so bit too lazy to scrap this morning, wrked friday night at the music hall, and it was just FANTASTIC, Im sure everybody had a ball, just an awesome performance and atmosphere. brilliant community effort with money raised going to the hospital and bendigo bank will match the money raised. How fantastic is that, and what a great community effort.
And I say "up yours john hill".

how amazing was the weather last night, the thunder and lightning went for hours, and so much rain too!!!! but where the bloody hell was 6 weeks or so ago, when we really needed it?
off to try and get some washing dry!


:) Tiff said...

ohhhhh noice paint splats.

jaki said...

YOUNG LOVE!! Better get used to that rain with your big trip to Darwin looming closer and closer! Very good at the digi scrapping. will have to show me when i come back. only 2 weeks to go!

sandra said...

looks great!
love the background and the colours. you are so clever