Sunday, October 12, 2008


So we had a bit of a issue in our house this morning.To summarise, we witnessed some mistreatment and neglect [in my and jaxens opinion], to a couple of dogs in a yard in our street.Jaxen was quite disturbed by this, and was strongly urging me to ring the RSPCA, really got quite cross with me for not doing so!! Anyway he knows my sister is a big advocate for prevention to animal cruelty, so he marches inside gets the phone book out and rings jaki, so she can ring the RSPCA and complain!!!! I did have concerns about doing this as they are probably not the kind of people u want to get on the wrong side of.
Anyway, we [me and jaxen]sent Scruff to give these dogs food and water[ and even he thought it was cruel, and hes a bit hardhearted].,and then 1 of the owners turned up so hopefully they are aware now, that other people have concerns, and they improve their pets living conditions!!!

Hopefully or Jaxen will be onto the RSPCA himself I think.

We have had our molly dog[who is treated a bit like a princess] and a cat whos @ 10, and Jaxen feeds the cat every morning and night, we also have another half wild cat who is sort of ours, that he feeds too. Was really quite funny one day, I was watching him playing at the park kicking the footy, and theres these 2 cats following him all around the park, everywhere he went these 2 cats would follow, because they know hes the 1 who feeds them.Same in the morning, as soon as hes up the cat hears him and races to the sliding door and meows to be fed.

Really was quite proud of him this morning, for his caring and concern about the treatment of animals. I hope he continues to be this way as he gets older!!

New Subject- scrapped some photos last night, but looked at it this morning and think its a bit crap. Really shouldnt scrap late at night when Im feeling tired!!


:) Tiff said...

Jacko has showed maturity beyond his years Maryanne. Congrats on installing a caring loving attitude to animals in him. sounds like he's a natural with animals.... hmmm vet perhaps.

sandra said...

Onya Jaxen!
I can understand you being a bit hesitant Maryanne... just a bit hard to pick how people will react nowadays!
i hope they are treating the dogs better!..

Lisa said...

Wow Maryanne, how proud you must feel of your young man. It's so hard to know what to do in that kind of situation - it can be scary.
You make me laugh about your scrapping - I don't think I've read yet about you being happy with any of your work! Your work is fabulous, don't be so hard on yourself!!LOL :-)