Monday, October 13, 2008

A quick post

Have been cleaning this very grotty house[school holidays], just having lunch, but have had my ipod blaring on the stereo to get me moving!
So scruff and I have been together 20 years this october[ oh I am middle aged now], and we hardly ever go away together, without the kids, so I seen yesterday that Chris isaak is is at the Barossa, and both scruff and I like his music, so thought we might go see him, have a weekend away.......
but its the same weekend as the e2c retreat.
Oh well thats life!!
After a months holiday in Darwin we may even be divorcing by then so probably all for the best!!

Listening to Kings of leon, and love their song"sex on fire", also saw it sung on Idol last night, which sounded really good too. My new favourite song of the moment, I will play it so often Ill get sick of it really quickly probably.

Lunch is ready, so best go eat then mop!!

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