Friday, October 10, 2008

P plater

This is way scary, Nick has his P plates, and he and 2 other mates have gone to the beach fishing then camping there tonight for a friends birthday [parents there too], and driving home tomorrow. His first drive unaccompanied and Im stressing .........but have to let him do these things because hes 17 now..........still way too scary but!!!!!!!! have given him the big talk about being sensible etc, so hopefully he is okay!!! I do think hes pretty sensible, but most parents would think that about their kids!! anyway will spend the day and night worrying that theyre okay until he gets back!!


:) Tiff said...

oh thank goodness for mobile phones. If nothing else that is reassuring. Wow, Maryanee u look way too young to have a 17 year old. I will need to take lessons from you about teenage hormones.

sandra said...

OMG Maryanne where did the time go?? As Tiff said.. you look way to young to have a p plater son!!'
I will be thinking about you this weekend... try not to stress too much!
(ps . I don't have a blog anymore.. you might want to take me off your blog list... long story.. )
see you at the show tomorrow?? you can help me count Tiff's prizes lol

Mardi said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my was so lovely of you.
I know that scary feeling of a new teenage boy p plater very well... I have two of my
Have a good weekend

Lisa said...

OMG How scary for you - have you got any fingernails left?? How did he go? and how did you go? LOL

SueP said...

Ohhh Maryanne- i know how you are feeling!! It brings back memories!
And yes, these days, Thank- goodness for mobiles!!

Thinking of you and hope you get some sleep, if not just SCRAP the night away!! :)