Monday, September 22, 2008


Started this yesterday, but not sure about it, wanted to use yellow[have not found too many yellow pp that I like!] it just looked too loud, so have finished it off tonight, but still not sure?
Its a picture of my sister and I with my little dog Cindy.I got her off of my aunty, but had to pay $7.00 for her!!! Quite sad looking at this photo, as my parents werent the kind of people to spend money at a vets, dogs just werent worth spending the money on, so poor little cindy always ended up pregnant everytime she was on heat, so lots of litters of puppies, and then when she was @ 7 yrs[I think], she got sick and my parents thought she was too sick to take to the vets, so had someone we knew destroy her!
So quite sad!!
when doing this, I kept thinking "poor little cindy". [and I cried]

Flu still hanging around, after some cold and flu tabs did manage to do some cleaning this arvo, and did some cooking.

cheers for now, and thanks sandra, lisa, janice, and tiff for your comments.


sandra said...

ohhh poor Cindy..
They bred them tough back then didn't they?
I like this page Maryanne... love the journalling... but also the story you told (when describing your layout)about Cindy's hard life... Could that be another layout?
Ps finished that project ... I'm quite happy with it.. It is my entry for the latest challenge.. Tiff will post it in a day or two.. so the information about the retreat stays up there a bit longer. (are you going?.. please say yes!)

jaki said...

Remember the day poor little Cindy died. Was very sad. Think I left but remember you sobbing away in the bath. Remember the day you got her though.....the shock of your own aunty making you pay for her with your birthday money!!!! Couldn't you have cropped your little sister out? look a bit spazzy with the sun in my eyes!