Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I have redone the last LO I posted!thought it looked okay at the time, but then today thought it looked crap, so pulled it all apart and did it again.I think I like it, but who knows I might look at it again later and think its crap too!!!!Probably will but dont think I could be bothered doing again.
So scruff still home sick today, but has been bored and starting to annoy me, so I told him Im going to have to write something about him on my blog, but I did better than that...took this photo of him snoring on the couch, all cuddled up as snug as a bug in a rug!!!!{LOL}
I think he might not find this as funny as I did!!{was having a giggle while taking this}
cheers for now
PS. have registered for e2c retreat, and tiff informs me theres only a few spots left out of 50 so if youre thinking about it, hurry up and register with her now, so you dont miss out.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Mary ... What a crack-up ! That photo of Scruff is a beauty - I can just imagine you having a chuckle while taking it !! Imagine his response when he sees himself on here !?! I tried to do something similar with Ted a while back - he was snoring like a freight train on the couch so I thought I'd tape him on his mobile ph. I'd never used the taping function on the phone b4 and when I pressed the record button it did this almighty beep, scared the crap outta' him which in turn scared me ... I too had a big giggle and didn't catch any snoring after all!
I've also registered for the retreat - sounds like a lotta fun - did you go last year?
Kylie Shep

sandra said...

rofl at both of you girls.
I hope Scruff has a sense of humour...
So glad you're going to the retreat.. going to be so much fun!
I like both of the layouts maryanne.. but I must admit I am leaning towards this one ;)

:) Tiff said...

what a hairy rug bug. If we did that when we felt crook, absolutely nothing would done around the house or at meal times.
ermm los....either, either.
tip... to get the fellas to read your blog, make it your homepage, so whenever they fire up the internet, lo and behold your blog pops up for them with no effort. (I have caught Kym twice reading it, but he doesn't know that i know) teee heeee. you have to be so sneeky sometimes. :)

amanda hall said...

LOL Maryanne. That is hilarious. He is a funny sausage all curled up like that.

I really like your cindy page and felt so sad reading what happened to her in your previous post. I am sure she had a happy life with you though and that you loved her to bits and she knew it :)

that counts for a lot.

Lisa said...

Well, I really liked the first version of this page, but i LOVE this second version!! Very cool! And very funny photo of Scruff!! Hehe, the world ends when they are sick doesnt it? Yep, I ahve registered for the retreat too - very excited!!