Sunday, September 21, 2008

A New Appreciation

So have had a funny throat and cough for weeks now, will clear up for a few days then freshens up again...really giving me the shits....but have some kind of flu /cold thing?? and yesterday I was coughing so much, felt like shit, so was having ventiolin and even had the nebuliser!And I have a new appreciation of what the poor kids[and all asthmatics ] go through! Helped the coughing a bit, but felt so shaky and weak, and I only had a few times!!!
Coughing has lessened a little bit today, so hoping will be a bit better again tomorrow!!
So I have also appreciated the toilet, with all the major coughing spells I ve been having!!
Oh and scruff has man flu, too, hes not coughing as much as I have been, but lots of sighing and the little moans and groans, [iykwim]??? you know, just to make sure that you can hear them and hear how sick they are!!!!also the classic poor me pose, laying down, eyes closed and the back of his hand pressed against his forehead!!!
No ,seriously just paying him out, which is a bit unfair, but plenty of times Im paid out by the lot of them!!!! He is actually feeling crappy too!!
So thats how I managed to get a total of 4 LOs done this weekend, and did start on a 5th one, wanted to do a LO using yellow, so have started it, and am using small amount of red and yellow but its just sooooo bright, so have come to a stanstillfor now Im afraid.............mmm that means Im going to have to tidy up all my crap then.....


Lisa said...

Maybe you need to go get that cough checked out! And I love the "man-flu" lol that is funny. (well, not funny that DH is sick IYKWIM) Yep, they seem to get a different strain to what we get! You've been on a scrapping dash lately - and real scrapping too, not digi - haha, do u end up as messy as me?? Am loving seeing your work, can't wait to see the yellow.

sandra said...

Don't put it away just yet Maryanne... new challenge needs to be done first!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryanne, Great layouts... you really are on a roll. I can see a scrap shopping spree coming up soon to re stock your cupboard.
Hope you are feeling better soon, coughing can make you feel really worn out and tired especially if it goes on and on.
I hope to get back into action soon. Have had visitors the last 2 days and work tomorrow.
Are you interested in learning more about photoshop at school? Spoke to Karen Jennings last week and she wants to teach the kids who are interested first (she has 4
atm)and then who ever is first in, no more than 10. It will be in the school newsletter tuesday.
Love browsing your blog and looking at your new pages. Keep up the good work.