Friday, August 29, 2008


So DH[ is that for dickhead?][ sorry,said with tongue in cheek], not long got home at @ 9.30, no tea and more than a few drinks, and is very tuckered and flaked out on one of the boys beds, and snoring. [no joke, the tvs blaring, and Im in another room and I can hear still hear him sounding like a bloody freight train.Great, means Im not going to sleep too well!!! and the dopey thing is supposed to be running water for footy tomorrow!!! One very unsympathetic wife here!!!
Off to footy by 9.tomorrow morning!!!Nearly all over, only 2 more weeks after this one.


:) Tiff said...

jeez. DH's can be such bastards at times.
hide the panadol and the Borroca.
I'd encourage your boys to start slamming doors and stomping on your floor boards really early.
oh... and make sure you have your ear plugs in.
teee heeee. Revenge can be so sweet at times.

sandra said...

lol... my dh (and yes in this case dickhead) came home like that last night as well.. minus the snoring... luckily!
He doesn't drink much anymore.. so I don't mind... that much :)
How did he go today at the footy? ;)

Lisa said...

ROFL - this post cracked me up!! Yep, don't give him any sympathy!! How'd he cope with the footy today?

Meredith Treloar said...

Hi Maryanne, just read your post over at Sandra's blog re-time on your posts. If you go into your blog, signed in, at the top there is a spot that says Customise, then click on settings and then format and the time part is there to change!! Good luck!!