Friday, August 29, 2008

escape2create challenge

did this one this morning for e2c challenge! a page on your job, and while I have done daycare for 5 years and worked prior to that and now do a bit of relief work, I have 2 sons with asthma, which was quite severe when they were younger, so my kids have always been my first "job".having 2 little ones with severe asthma and allergies made it very hard to go out to work and I just didnt want to leave them with anyone else, which was why I did daycare as I got to do it at home.I must say I admire working mums and how they manage work and family.


:) Tiff said...

love the blue and the minimalist look.

sandra said...

Love this Maryanne... the blue is so vivid.. Glad you did the challenge too... you and I have a record to uphold!!!

sandra said...

an no I didn't post it at 2.22am!!
times wrong somewhere! lol