Monday, September 1, 2008


Brads team won, I think the final score was 12 goals and opposition had 5, sounds like a easy win, but they had to work for it!Brads 1st game back since he hurt his knee, was a bit sore after the game, but was quite swollen sunday!Not sure about wether he may have to see specialist again!! Nicks team won, I think by 2 or 3 goals, that was a very tight game and pretty close all the way through, but I didnt watch the 2nd half, too nervewracking, {and a worry after matt mullan was ambulanced off with broken leg}.So that means both of them straight to the grand final, and means they dont have to play this weekend.Nick got a corky in the frist quarter by one of his own team, so he was a bit sore.
Anyway that all means only 1 more game of footy........yay..............

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