Sunday, November 13, 2011

just life and whats been happening

So as most of you would know we have a new house, its just not ours yet.It arrived on 22nd september, but we were waiting to have a verandah attached, contracted through the house company as well, which has taken some time to get finished as the job is contracted to another builder.Anyway to cut a long story short its taken some time, and has been some delays.
So with a few hassles there Its taken a bit of the excitement out of having a new house.The verandah was completed finally on friday, and we are just waiting on it to be painted and then hopefully we just may be able to have handover, only 2 months after our house turned up.Im not quite sure about how well its turned out but guess we're at a stage where we cant be bothered anymore, we just want to move on and move in.
We are also having to wait a long time to get power connected, we have gone from an over 3month wait,which was going to be 29th december, to hopefully 29th November.[Fingers crossed].
Even though its been frustrating and dissappointing, Im still aware that in the grand scheme of life these are minor things, and as Friday was Remembrence Day, Im still so grateful and thankful that theres lots of other positives in my life too.

In the meantime, we've been planting some new plants, and Ive been slowly amassing a stash of goodies for the new house.
I ordered this picture from Big w on canvas in a large size, and I just love it,even though technically its all wrong,with crooked horizon and all, and yes I know i can fix it by straightening it, but I love it how it is.
I was relly impressed with big w, not just the quality of it, but I ordered this on a tuesday, and it arrived the following tuesday, and postage was reasonable too at $9.95.

I am also proud of my 2nd baby boy, who is completeing his year 12, or technically has [almost], and within a few day of his last exam, has also started working already.Im really proud of his work ethic, hes always had a part time job from the age of 14, and is keen to work and start saving some money.
One of his subjects this year was art, and for one of his major pieces, was a pen drawing of himself, which started with some photos he got me to take of him.His work was marked by the moderator on Wednesday and his drawing of himself was selected to be exhibited in Adelaide.Im guessing its for yr 12 Artwork, but Ill have to find out more from his art teacher as brads pretty casual about it, and didnt ask.I will have to take a photo of his work and post later.

So thats about it for now.
Hope you all have a great day


:) Tiff said...

I've seen Brad's pen drawings.

oh my.

they stopped me in my tracks. (The Headmaster found me sitting on the floor just looking at the Warrior one).

It's spellbinding.... and I can see how much of himself he has put into it. And his self portrait is wonderful, so true to his character and shows a snippet of what he's like under the skin.

House..... grrrrrr.... It has taken too long Mary. But we already know that.

Take care you.,


Kylie S :) said...

Wow, house looks Great Dongy !! as does the photo that you've had put on canvas ... I'll have to check out Brad's artwork if it's in the foyer at school? Good on him !
Kylie S :)