Sunday, February 21, 2010


Finally...I did manage to complete a layout.Not loving this, and nothing like I wanted it to be, but I was procrastinating so much, that in the end I just glued it, and bugger it.
Kind of almost a beginner style LO!!


:) Tiff said...

like I said on E2C

jeepers creepers. that looks awful jako.

and jeepers creepers. is that handwriting??

I've a usb for you. wink. r u around tomorrow.

Christine said...

Ooh, ouch, that looks sore! Poor little fella!

sandra said...

I bet he was proud of that one once the pain died down!!
Great layout Maryanne.
love the yellow and the font.
Now. More please.

amanda hall said...

beginnerish? NOPE. NO WAY.

you are far too hard on yourself.