Saturday, February 20, 2010

Its time

Time for me to get my ass into gear and get some scrapping done.Lately I just cant seem to get into it, and I was using the excuse that I needed to get some photos printed to get motivated.So I have a big stack of freshly printed photos ready to go....but its still not really happening.Last week I was in the mood, had the idea and all happening but my bloody printer jacked up because some of the ink was out, so the scrapping was abandoned[and I wasnt handwriting].
With the escape 2 create retreat fast approaching,[see over there on the right of screen, is the e2c countdown, and holy moly only 33 days to go] I really must get some creativity flowing, otherwise I will be sitting there like a stunned mullet doing a big FAT NOTHING![lol I actually mistyped and put FART then,... oops having a couple of cruisers after]!Mind you doesnt really matter if I dont do much scrapping  of my own as I have signed up for all the classes on offer.We retreat goers are so very fortunate to have available classes taught by Melanie Forbes, Amanda Hall and Meredith Treloar. How lucky are we?

Anyway I did start a layout today, but really am not sure about it, will have a better look in the morning, and hopefully finish it.
Enjoy your saturday night everyone, Im loving mine, because when I got home from work tonight , the dishes were done! This is a very rare but wonderful occurence!
Night all.


:) Tiff said...

seeing an empty sink is wonderful isnt it. Dont see it here very often either.

and I'm giving a kick up the creative butt to help that mojo swing into gear.

sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have created Maryanne... you are right, your scrapping hiatus has gone on long enough!!
And yes, love having an empty sink when I come home too....VERY rare occurrences...and we have dishwasher!!

Meredith Treloar said...

I hope that your layout is straight 'cause we are looking forward to seeing it - I find scrapping and a couple of drinks is tricky as the next day it looks a bit crooked!!!

Amy said...

I'm out of ink too and I don't want to make just digital pages at the moment - any excuse hey?!
Came home from the gym this morning to the washing OUT on the line and the dishwasher unpacked .... wonders will never cease!