Thursday, January 28, 2010


Tonight I am feeling quite proud on one hand, and kind of a little bit apprahensive on the other!!

My eldest son Nick, finished school last november, then went to work at the local silos, where he worked long hours,and got himself up very early every morning, without prompting from us!He has worked hard to save his money for some time now, with the plan to one day buy himself a car.
He ended up with our old car when I bought my new car back in july, and has been quite happy with that.Its not too flash, but it does the job.And its a ford too, which certainly isnt his dream car!

But today he went to lincoln and he came home with one of these.
A commodoore, which all teenage boys dream of one day owning![well most anyway].

So I am extremely proud of him for working and saving his money.I believe he will appreciate his car more for the fact that he has worked hard and saved to buy it himself.
But on the other hand I do worry about car accidents, especially in the last few weeks where there has been a couple of car accidents with teenage drivers and several fatalities as a result.
Both scruff and I talk to the kids a lot about car accidents, especially lately when so many have been in the news, but I do think hes a pretty sensible kid , and I hope he continues to be.


:) Tiff said...

you have every right to be proud of him. He has matured HEAPS in the last year or so when I've got to know him a bit. (only a tiny bit lol) And he is learning the basic fundamentals of life. SAVING and BUDGETING. good for him. his mates will be green with envy, or should that be blue wink.

sandra said...

Well done Nick!
Great car.. love the colour!
and I hear you about your concerns Mary, but he is a good kid, and I'm sure he'll be sensible.

Right Nick??

ROFL.. the word verification is
'suped' the car hasn't been has it?
lol (did that just make sense?

SueP said...

Wow, all grown up. And getting his own car is a big step...and a scary one for us mums!! Well done to Nick, he worked hard, drive safe always!