Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been very slack as in not blogging, but really finding not a lot to blog about .Have had pretty quiet school holidays, as scruff had a knee reconstruction just before christmas.This has made it rather difficult holidays,as we havnt been able to do a lot, even a trip to the beach has been difficult as he cant walk on the rocks etc.Anyway he seems to be improving, and he has gone back to work [praise the lord].Was rather trying at times putting up with a housebound male,who was unable to do much at all,been a bit trying for us all, and not the best holidays for the kids.
Well thats the negative,but lots of positive too,christmas was good, nice and quiet and relaxed, again we didnt venture too far as the male patient was still very much the patient at that stage.When I was younger,I guess I was.. well younger and maybe more selfish,but I used to have this expectation of receiving some special gift from my husband,which I dont think EVER happened!Its just not him.One year we were away for xmas and he went to the pharmacy at the last minute and bought me some scratchies!I was less than impressed to put it mildly.
I will confess though to being just a little bit difficult to shop for, and we do have very different taste, so it is probably much more wise for me to shop for myself.
For me now, xmas is having no expectations,just enjoying and appreciating my family,and it is a day where I am extremely thankful to have my family.

These holidays,we also heard some news of the tragic death of a teenager from a nearby area.He was the same age as brad,just 16, and while I didnt know him or his family, brad and a mate have played football against him, and attended his funeral.As I said I dont know him,but I am so saddened by this!So so tragic!

I have been working also, but I am hoping things will be quieter next week , and I am hoping to get some scrapping done then.I did manage a page a while back but cant show it yet!I was planning on setting myself a challenge to scrap a page a day next week,but then realised that I think thats when we collect schoolbooks etc?,so will probably be getting that organised instead,somaybe the following weekI will manage to start my challenge.

While I havnt scrapped,I have managed a few beach trips with my camera,so I will post a few here, but if youre a friend on my FB you will probably have already seen them anyway.
Have been playing with textures and effects,some i really like but some im unsure of.

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year[a bit late but].
And thank you for your comments here on my blog.


:) Tiff said...

breath taking.

man o man. you have got 'IT'

sandra said...

Just WOW!

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hi Maryanne, thanks so much for your lovely comments. Are you kidding me??? These photos look like post cards, no better LOL, amazing. Sorry to hear about the death of the chap who lived mear you, so sad, especially at his time of year, nice of you to attend the funeral to big farewell. Take good care and thanks once again, Tiff other xx.

Christine said...

Gosh girl, your photos are absolutely amazing. And inspiring. Completely gorgeous, you really have talent!

Hope your big boy recovers quickly, he has a long, frustrating road ahead of him, at least he's through the worst of it now. Lol at his Christmas gifts - men huh!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I am so excited!

Kerryn said...

Thank you for the congratulations :). I must admit, I'm kinda fond of the house too :D.


sandra said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

and just another
at those photos!

Christine said...

Thank you!
And wow, those photos still take my breath away!

Moira said...

There's something about a beach and an SLR and sunset that just equals magic. Beautiful piccies :-)

Caitie said...

Wow, Maryanne. Love your images, especially the first one and the third one - really lovely. I love the photoshop treatments - have you used textures?

Great work.

SueP said...

Wow love your photos Maryanne and the effects are groovy, love them!! I still haven't 'played' with PS yet...not enough hours in the day....if i stayed home from lincoln a bit maybe i might find time..heehee!!