Wednesday, December 16, 2009

too soon

christmas does manage to sneak up on me all too quickly,and I think this year Iwould have to be the least organised Ive ever been,well that is how it seems.
I have got a total of 2 presents so far,actually 3 but scruff was home when his photobook arrived in the mail,so he got that a little bit early.I do know what Im getting the boys,jaxen is who Ive already bought for,and hopefully I will get the other 2 sorted tomorrow.I find that as the kids have gotten older their choice of gifts are much more expensive.I try to spent @ the same $ for each of the kids,but it doesnt always work that way.I was planning on heading to lincoln today but plans kind of changed,so will head down tomorrow.Have heard its very busy so that will be fun Im sure.
Hoping to finally get a new tree too.

Scruff has returned home today after having a knee reconstruction on monday.He ended up having to stay an extra night in hospital, he originally thought he was in for day surgery only.[silly man].
He has a very large and sore knee, and is feeling very uncomfortable,so Ill be playing nurse for a little while,oh and the kids will be too Im sure!Couldbe in for a restless night tonight!
Happy holidays.


:) Tiff said...

you beaut panadol is a mans best friend. Lincoln wasnt too bad at all today. pretty normal come to think about it. did see S and J down there briefly.

sandra said...

Join the 'so not ready for Christmas' club Maryanne.
Went down yesterday with Garry and bought up a storm and STILL not ready for Christmas. Needless to say scrapping has been non existant.
All the best to Scruff. I hope he had a good night.
and have fun in Lincoln!!

Caitie said...

Don't stress too much - it's supposed to be an enjoyable season!

I really love the photos of the sky that you previously posted - the colours are beautiful! And great photoshopping - looks great!