Thursday, December 17, 2009

family photos

A few weeks ago we had these taken for nicks graduation.All the students had pictures taken on their own, with family, and with partners etc.Each was given a 10 minute time slot, then they all had to meet back at 6 for group shots.I wont post any of the group shots but heres a few of just us.All I can say is you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear! [is that how it goes?].What  I mean by that is there are not too many photos that look that good, but no disrespect to the photographer, as I think shes done okay considering the allocated time, and also the weather, as it was drizzling off and on throughout the day, and the fact that Scruff and I are not the most photogenic of people, in most of these scruff has no eyes, only slits, and I cant smile naturally, I end looking like Im sneering!I was saying this to scruff as I was looking at the pics this arvo, and a few minutes later, lisa[nicks girlfriend], says to me that I have a lazy lip![LOL].
I look so weird in photos, I am just not used to seeing myself in pictures.Scruff and I both saw a few of these and said how yuk we look, and if you saw the rest you would agree, some really really bad ones , some with eyes shut and just really dopey ones.Speaking of dopey, my husband has been taking a fair bit of prescribed medication in the form of painkillers,[for the knee] and he is reacting very oddly at times although I guess thats a pretty common side effect.

I did make it to lincoln today, got most of the chrissy presents done, but going back tuesday to pick up brads which will be arriving tomorrow.
I Didnt get a tree, most places have sold out, and the only one I could find was at kmart and it was way too big.
May have to get e real tree for the first time ever.


:) Tiff said...

Mary. Your hair looks so thick and lush and oh my, doesnt Lisa's legs go all the way up to her armpits. Seriously chick, be glad to have these of all you. There will have so much more meaning to you when all the boys have grown and found their own lives. But I agree, they could be better, but better than none at all.

Christine said...

Well I think they all look gorgeous! And wow, the ones of your boy are fantastic, he scrubs up really well!

sandra said...

Maryanne, hold out your hand. Consider it smacked!
Your self critism is so harsh. You look like a yummy mummy!
Love your outfit, love your hair and what the #@$! are you talking about when you say you look weird!
GRRRR I should come around to your place and slap you in person!
Going to get the keys now!

lol seriously, the boys look great, and so do you and Scruff.

:) Tiff said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
all the best for 2010