Friday, December 4, 2009

This weekend

We are heading off to adelaide tomorrow morning, just me ,brad and scruff, to see these guys in concert.

and these

!I got 5 tickets but would you believe nick and jaxen are not even remotely interested in going.Im not overly mad about seeing either of them, it was more to take the kids to a big concert I guess.At that age I would have been so excited to go to any concert,[and yes Dollly parton and Kenny Rogers in adelaide many years ago really was].so anyway Its just the 3 of us going and one of brads mates and his dad.Im sure scruff isnt overly mad about going either, and I know for sure he will think its just a bit too loud.While not massive fans I do like seeing bands perform live and can appreciate how talented they are.

Will hopefully get time to shop for some new curtains also while Im away, and maybe a few other bits and pieces, as I have got a new lounge.I do love getting something new, but I hate that when you do get something new, it makes the older stuff in your house look really.....old! And also navy blue and chocolate brown just do not go together at all!So its time for a new paint job and a bit of a redo for the loungeroom. Must go find the addresses for spotlight shortly and pop it into the navman tomorrow when we are on our way.Im really not looking forward to the drive over to adelaide and back, ist soo boring!And the packing too....tomorrow morning Ill get started on that.


:) Tiff said...

lol. you could always take the lappy and photo edit to while away those driving hours.

have a great trip. praps Scruff could wear ear plugs...!!!???

Damien Franco said...

Great lineup. Should be a good concert.

Moira said...

Have fun, even with a reluctant group! I'm sure they'll be awesome. Just a minor matter of surviving the drive to the city first...