Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Has

been awhile seen Ive posted, have been a little bit preoccupied with other stuff!
So my eldest nick graduated from school a couple of weeks week, [at an assembly on that really really stinking hot day].We went to nicks graduation dinner on Friday night, and we had some family photos taken by the photographer, so hopefully we actually manage to get a decent picture of us all, just 1 would be good![even though jaxens hair was poking up like some freaky animal is perched atop his head].I did take my camera and was hoping to get some shots, but didnt manage too many as was very aware of the professional photographer and didnt want to be rude by snapping away while she was.[and these are not very good spics either.
Will post a family shot later....if there are any decent ones!

 gotta go and strangle some kids right now!!!![the ones running around the house flicking each other with teatowels instead of wiping the dishes with them.]
They are driving me mad right about now.


:) Tiff said...

so who won the tea towel flick. lol. great shot of that little yr 12 ear tag. and doesnt Nick look so happy to be there..........?????????

fingers crossed of a good family one.

sandra said...

Could hear the thwacks from here!!lol
Congrats to Nick and wish him all the best for the future in the big wide world.