Thursday, September 3, 2009

the show

will be heading over to adelaide next week for the show, with brad for the led steers.Not sure if Ive ever been before, maybe when we were kids, but Im actually starting to look forward to going, and taking jaxen and having a good look around.well a little bit, not looking forward to the traffic, or rather scruff driving in adelaide.I dont drive in adelaide at all, and scruff is a country boy, doesnt like the city at all, but Im sure we will cope.

So if anyone wants any showbags Im happy to grab some.Have a look online for a full list.

I have been hanging to get into some scrapping, but have been busy with work, and everyday life etc.Hoping after we get back from adelaide, and with footy season drawing to an end, will manage some serious scrap time soon.


amanda hall said...

oooooooh have fun. The show is always exciting!

amanda hall said...

PS. Get yourself a Bertie Beetle bag - yummmmmmmmm!

:) Tiff said...

have a blast Mary. Cant say it really turns me on fighting all the crowds and that but wishing you and Brad good weather and good luck