Friday, August 21, 2009

a couple of shots....and a page

finally have scrapped a page, but not that happy with it, not sure why, but anyway is all stuck down and Im over it.

driving home from work wednesday night, I was admiring how pretty the colors in the sky were, so took a few shots quickly.I really like this one.

And meet "bowser", hes one of the steers [brads group], from brads yr 10 ag class.We will be heading to the adelaide show in a few weeks, with brads class for them to show the steers.The kids did a bit of a practice run today at the school, some fiesty fellas there.will be interesting to see how they go at the show.


Anonymous said...

Bowzer is thinking "what's the point" cos he is just gonna end up at the slaughterhouse. Then he will be laid to rest neatly on a piece of styrofoam, sealed airtight with gladwrap and then have a price tag slapped on his arse!!!! Ready for you to purchase and slap on your plate.

:) Tiff said...

hmmm Jaki. Medium to well please.

Mary. great shot of the sunset. It was gorgeous wasnt it. Nicely framed with the branches.

Moira said...

Poor predestined steers :-) We've got 4 out at school and all seem to be blissfully unaware of their impending fate! They are gorgeous though... Lovely photo work lately Maryanne!

SueP said...

Love your page Maryanne, and your photos - the colours in that sky were beautiful, and the school bulls look ready to show!! good ones!!

:) Tiff said...

whoop whoop.
congrats on the pick up chick. who by??