Friday, August 14, 2009


Brad turned 16 today.I am feeling rather sad about that, but will be worse next month when nick turns 18.
Brad is so easygoing most of the time, he really didnt want much for his birthday,[ except a tongue piercing , but he can wait till hes 18 if thats what he really wants].
Brad is the nearest I will get to a daughter, in that he loves clothes, and loves shopping!He does have a part time job, and uses a lot of his own money on buying he came to lincoln with me wednesday, and I bought him some new clothes.And I will give him some money also, which he can use to spend on himself when we go to adelaide in september.
I am more than likely being biased here, but I really do think hes a sweet kid, and I am proud of him


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Brad, hope you had a great day!

:) Tiff said...

You smart arse Mary. How did you cut Brad out and insert that background. I need instruction from you lol. r u working this arvo/tonight. I'll be looking at HO3 stuff later. *wink*

cheers to you and yours.
Happy Birthday to Brad. Sent him my regards on FB last night.

sandra said...

Happy Birthday Brad!
and great photo Maryanne.. very clever.

jaki said...

All grown up now1 Love that Brad loves clothes shopping as much as me......and has a pile on top of his drawers just like me!