Tuesday, August 4, 2009

house of horrors

Thats how it seems at the moment anyway.All five of us have had colds/coughs/flus/asthma etc.on and off over the last couple of months.Lots and lots of coughing, headaches, etc etc etc....seem to linger on and cant seem to shake them.Brad and jaxen have been sick the last couple of days, and I know jaxen is unwell when he stays so still and quiet for so long.He seems to get sick every now and again, where he has headaches, and high temperatures.His asthma isnt too bad so far, but pretty high temp, and lots of sleeping, like I say we know hes feeling very badly when hes this quiet.This is him this arvo,he was so hot he wanted a wet flannel to cool down.Poor little possum!


jaki said...

Feel so sorry for you all. Jacko looks terrible!! we have one word for you........SWINE!!!

Christine said...

Oh you poor things, that's no fun, I hope you get better soon