Thursday, June 18, 2009

I hate making decisions!!!!!!

I have been looking at getting a new car for a little while now, and am finally ready to do it, but am so unsure about what to get, end up getting so confused.I originally have a price limit, year limit, km limit etc, but Port lincoln has such a limited range of cars, and would really rather not go to adelaide to get one.Usually its just me in my car,So Im quite keen on a smaller car, but then its nice to have abit of leg room if all of us go in my car.Anyway I LOVE cars and the thought of a brand spanking new mazda neo,which are just soooooo nice but would also love to spend some money on the house too [built in robes, new lounge, new blinds and curtains], so am keen on a fairly new secondhand, which is still under warranty.Have found one Im fairly keen on ,but just out of warranty so it doesnt fit my requirements exactly, but it is probably my first choice so far!
So am dragging my husband off to lincoln this arvo to check out a few cars and to help me make a decision!
Did I mention how much I hate making decisions about spending money??????
These are my far...

ps. Boring blog post, but have put this on so my sister can see my choices, she has just got another car, and went through the same hassle of looking for the "right car" too.
vz commodore
holden astramagnamazda neo.........soooooo nice

will let you know jaki!

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:) Tiff said...

good luck chicky.
praps you need to come to whyalla next month with me. I can go to spotlight while you trawl the caryards.

ps.... very noice blog header chic