Saturday, June 13, 2009

cold and wet footy

Footy today
wet.....very wet
was walking back to the car with a coffee in one hand and soup in the other, when it started to pour[ so couldnt run...not that I really run anyway].!Got drenched!
But nothing really compared to the footballers......The kind of day where I think it would be so much better to be indoors with the heater on.


sandra said...

Yes is persisted down didn't it lol
Teagan was a shivering so much her teeth chattered after her game.
Straight home, and in the shower and in front of the fire... didn't bother sending Ryan over for footy.

Congratulations on the double pick up with the your layouts.. so well deserved.

:) Tiff said...

the fire was warm, the house was toasty and I didnt have soggy socks.

I also didnt hunt. I must be what we call a fair weather hunter!!