Monday, May 18, 2009

have you seen this?

a good family movie, especially if you"re a dog lover, but omygosh, I was not a pretty sight, cried my eyes out, was actually sobbing...........and Im such a not pretty crier.
So BE WARNED tissues required, although I am a sook, and not everyone may be as bad as me.

Also finally have a few LOs done, nothing fantastic, pretty basic. Have a couple more but not quite decided if theyre actually finished yet, think I might finish off with some stitching.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pages Dongy and gorgeous photos of when you were kids !

:) Tiff said...

wow. that one of Dad is very intense. any Digger in his slouch hat I admire so much. Your LO is beautiful.
and Sues sketch looks great. will comment on the E2C blog.

you could just about submit you and Jacqui as sue's sketch challenge too.

love em all.

Meredith Treloar said...

Beautiful layouts Maryanne ... love the colours you have used. John recognised you all straight away!!

sandra said...

Love them all Maryanne
I have a photo of Garry's grandfather and his Uncle both in Army gear that I want to scrap...
really want to get it right.

What IS it with you word verification thingy??
Now I KNOW it knows me..(or have you programmed it somehow?)

the word for today?......


oh haw haw haw.

jaki said...

Look very good scary. really don't like any pictures with me in it tho!

Christine said...

Love that Pixie photo Maryanne, I've got a few of those that need scrapping myself! I've just had a look through your older posts, and I just wanted to say how gorgeous those newborn pages of Jaxen are! Thanks so much for your lovely comments too, it made my day!