Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bloody bugger

So my plan for yesterday was to perch up on the laptop, wih my ticketek account open, all set to hit it at 12.30pm for tickets to " ACDC."
Got called in to work monday..so I had my sister try to get the tickets for me...............she missed out, so didnt happen! Am hoping they announce a 2nd concert in adelaide.
Could have gone in sydney but, would have meant driving over as sooky scruff will NOT fly, and as Brad would like to come and he will be startin yr 11 didnt want to take the time off to travel over to nsw and back[not a nice little drive either].

So if anyone managed to get a group of tickets and have 3 spare Im ready, willing and able!![and have the cash ready].

Havnt managed to scrap at all lately, as last week and this week have worked a lot more hours, as other staff away or sick.Life has been busy, between working, washing and cooking!!
Maybe I might get to scrap thursday, as a full day off. ... YAY...but then again I maybe off to lincoln...
hopefully I will have a LO next time.Actually I do have one there almost finished, but just not quite!!


:) Tiff said...

woweeee. You are quite the concert goer.
When's the Pink show???

rock on

Anonymous said...

Oh thats bad luck Maryanne, I was going to sit on the computer too. But ended up having a friend line up in Adelaide, he managed to get tickets, missed out on seats, so we're in the "mosh pit". Taking the 12yr old to his first concert should be a GOOD one. :)
Karen D