Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wasted time

today I organised and uploaded a heap of photos, some old ones that I had scanned and fixed up, and some more recent ones with my camera.Well took ages to upload them with rabbitt at home,then when it came to checkout and pay, the currency was in $us so it was converting to $au and charging me more, I went back over the order, but couldnt find any way of changing it,so rang the store to see if they could process the order and I pay when I collect,as had the job no and all, but no they cant do, she said they been having problems with this and have had to organise refunds through paypal to customers so she recommended not processing the order until speak to tech support.Apparently theyre not happy with the ordering at home program and are recomending the snapfish.Got peeved ditched the order, went into rabitt online again and decided to order through snapfish, which I had done last time, but this has changed slightly, before could easy upload from computer, a heap of photos at once, but now have to browse and upload 12 at a time, which took bloody forever.!! they do have a easy picturemover or some such but this loads them directly from the memory card or camera......which i didnt it took me again about half hour to upload 12 bloody photos so this rate might get an order in by the end of june...
All seemed to be such a waste of time,and think Ill just have to wait and go instore and do it.
Ordered through snapfish only about 6 weeks ago and it was so not this hard.

Needlessto say the LOs I had planned on doing today just didnt get done!


:) Tiff said...

thanks for the heads up on Rabbit at Home.

I had no idea issues had popped up. I hope no one from the Retreat who got the disc doesnt get caught with this.

sandra said...

Sooo sticking with printing at home! That sounds too frustrating!
I know it is probably not the same quality etc... but I like the versatility it provides...
With the way my head works, If I had them printed elsewhere, by the time I got them back I would of changed my mind and wanted black and white instead!
But in saying that, I do know that the photos are better quality having them professionally printed.