Tuesday, April 28, 2009


got this page done today, not very excititing Im afraid, pretty plain,didnt want any journalling etc,just the title, and I now have that ymca by the village people stuck in my head , which is on a par with druggie shirts[checked flannelette button up shirts] being back in fashion...................my god what is with that!!! and not just that, but theyre all sorts of odd colors bright purple and green and red and all sorts.....eeewwwww.

And also how hard is it trying to buy a decent pair of jeans now, theyre all skinny bloody jeans and the same with the boots all designed to wear over skinny jeans. Many years ago when I was @ 16 I was into skinny jeans with boots worn over them...but really not so good now!
Must go and get some more clothes dry.Loving the rain for the garden and the farmers.....but not so good for the washing......


:) Tiff said...



all is see is the American Indian guy and those fabulous 6 pack abs.

love the up close intimate shot M.

sandra said...

pmsl at your YMCA comment.
and lol at the druggie shirts
(Garry wears them all the time... but I will quickly state that he's no druggie!)
And I had trouble finding jeans the other day too... ended up buy cords.

Moira said...

LOL, you and I must be on the same fashion wavelength - I figure if I'm old enough to remember the first time the 80s were in fashion, I'm too old to try and be fashionable any more! (and do I really want to wear druggie shirts and skinny jeans? And don't get me started on the fluoro socks/shirts/everything, or the rara skirts, or the stirrup pants or... I could go on all day! Thanks for your comments at my blog, promise I am heading off to the doctor asap when I get home (3 days to go, cannot wait!)

Love the layouts, I so can't wait to get back to my scrap room and get stuck in to all the pages that flashed in to my head while I was away!

Hugs, Moira