Friday, February 6, 2009

poor little sis

had to share this story.......kinda funny sort of....but not.
So my sister jaki has like myself been trying to decide wether to purchase dslr, and after much searching etc finally took the plunge and did it.She finally this week got a brand new nikon d60, and is thrilled with her new toy.
Yesterday she rang me to tell me her and her partner were at some waterfalls for a bit of a photoshoot, and she managed to slip up on some wet rocks and slid down a couple of metres on the rocks. The camera hit the rocks the bag landed in a small pool of water, and she is sporting a very sore ankle and wrist. Apparently the camera was okay after all that but has some minor surface damage but the lens were in the camera bag so may have got wet? I know how much she would hate the camera having even the tiniest little mark on it, as she is so anal about keeping her things immaculate!!!
she texts me last night to say the camera is definitely damaged and isnt working properly and one of the lens not working at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh poor jaki!!!!
Poor camera didnt even last the week!!!


:) Tiff said...

oh shit oh shit oh shit.
insurance, insurance, insurance.

jaki said...

Was very funny but now it's not so funny! I landed in the puddle of water. bag with lens was okay but yep the camera made an almighty crack (lucky it wasn't my head!)and it seemed okay but then last night the lens on it was stuffed and now the camera is elbow took the brunt of the fall and today i have a very sore upper part of my arm and chest area.pretty sore and feeling very sorry for myself.thank god for insurance!just grateful i have no major injuries, just some bruising.absolutely gutted about my camera though.....going to take awhile to recover!

amanda hall said...

oh no Jaki :(

I did a similar thing when we were on holiday in Melbourne. We were going on the Puffing Billy train and i was taking a 'creative' shot of the train by me standing in the middle of the tracks. I thought the strap was around my neck and used both hands to change the lens.....except i didn't have the strap around my neck. It dropped onto the tracks with a horrible bang. The only damage though was a crack in the LCD screen so i never bothered about getting it replaced. It still works a treat...just a few battle scars :)

Yeah i felt sick when it happened too.